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We are a bi-partisan group of parents, grandparents and taxpayers in Minnesota's Independent School District-Eastern Carver County School District 112. We are passionate about our kids, our schools, teachers and our DIVERSE community. We are even past referendum supporters!

What We Are Asking

Vote NO, NO, NO on November 5th

This is NOT the Right Time


The lack of transparency and mounting discrepancies found within the District's own data has prompted us to demand a PAUSE on this vote until we can get ANSWERS

Are You Aware...

Eastern Carver County has the highest median property tax in the state of Minnesota! We pay $1,000 MORE than the state average per student. Paying out upwards of $12,000 per Student TODAY!

Are You Aware...

The board just passed this September a salary & benefit package for teachers that brings our District up to  AVERAGE??? ALL THAT MONEY, AND THAT'S THE BEST WE CAN DO FOR OUR TEACHERS???

Are you Aware....

The school is using space for K-12 for a FOR PROFIT pre-school? This is NOT what we had agreed to and now they claim they need more space?

Concerned Parents & Taxpayers

3 Reasons To Vote.... No

Question 1: General Revenue


  • This is not a one year ask, this is a 10 year levy.
  •  The levy will ADJUST for  inflation. Inflation has NEVER been included in previous referendums, and it effectively allows the District to have an open checkbook with OUR money.
  • The School District is claiming the base rate per child will increase to $550 based on student enrollment of 10,200. We have FEWER  than 9,600 today.
  • This money is NOT restricted to residents of Eastern Carver County only, meaning students can be bused in and WE foot the bill.
  • Question 1 & Question 2 are tied together, yet are using different growth projections. This means the District is asking for $170.7 Million between the TWO. 
  • We have addressed these items with BOTH the School Board & Superintendent Christopher and have yet to get a response.

Question 2: School Building Fund


  • The 2015 referendum included EXPANSIONS of Clover Ridge and Victoria elementary as well as a NEW elementary school in Carver. 
  • Between Carver Elementary & the expansions, which included 12 additional classrooms (300 new seats per school) this gave us a total of space for 1,100 students!  However, we only grew by 156 students! (2015-2019)
  • During the 2018 school year, the district hired  Davis Demographics to provide projections on growth. Davis projected 1,400 new students over 10 YEARS.
  • Today, just a FIVE MONTHS LATER the projections are stating 1,400 over 5 YEARS. These projections are provided by WOLD Architects, the engineering and architecture firm that stands to DIRECTLY BENEFIT from the referendum passing!
  • Sept 30th District Superintendent Clint Christopher provided a document to the Chaska City Council indicating the District will grow by 606 newly enrolled  K-12 Students within the next 11 months.  The District has only grown by 393 K-12 students OVER THE PAST FIVE YEARS.  
  • The growth projections published by the District on Sept 12, 2019 in their capacity versus growth document  was updated on Sept 30th. This was shared to the State of Minnesota on October 1, 2019 and the Chaska City Council on September 30th, 2019 The document demonstrated the district enrolled 307 students FEWER THAN WHAT WAS ORIGINALLY PROJECTED FOR THIS YEAR.  According to Clint Christopher's own report we have 1,700 EMPTY student seats in District!
  •  We have addressed these items with BOTH the School Board & Superintendent Christopher and have yet to get a response. 

Question 3: Security & Technology


  • 2013 the taxpayers in the District passed a six year levy for technology and security. This levy included $2.45 Million per year,  with a GRAND TOTAL of $14.7 Million!! This ensured the following: every student received a chrome book, new school entrances, plus cameras and technology to secure our schools. We invested MILLIONS into technology.
  •  An example of these investments is  EMPOWER. Empower was rolled out, failed miserably and is now being decommissioned by the District.
  •  It has been 10 years and we have now spent $14.7 Million!! They now want to increase to $44 Million over 10 years!!
  • Another Example of these investment is Securly, the  District's multi-million dollar investment in technology & security software. Securly is supposed to ensure that our children's data is protected online, but it doesn't get a passing grade. Securly even states on its own website that it collects data that is shared with third parties
  •  We have addressed these items with BOTH the School Board & Superintendent Christopher with no response. We did however receive a response from the IS Administrator regarding their investment in Securly and they plan to continue the use of this product at the expense of our children's privacy.

Education or Equity: Where should D112 be focusing ?

2018 & 2019 Comparable Metro District MCA Scores


Minnetonka spends  $1,000 fewer per pupil yet has remarkably higher MCA scores year over year compared to Eastern Carver County 

MN Dept of Ed Report Card for Eastern Carver County for the last 3 years of MCA Scores


Given the Millions of dollars we as taxpayers have already invested, wouldn't you expect better? What has our new superintendent done to help our kids academically excel? Note: the decrease in # of students meeting standards as well as the scores.

What is the increased per pupil spend REALLY going towards?


Minnesota goes full radical on race based school discipline. Sound familiar? Click here to learn more

Equity "Training" for ECC Administrators & Staff


Is this REALLY the definition of anti-racism we want to teach our kids??

Wikipedia Definition of Anti-Racism


This is how Wikipedia and other online sources define anti-racism

Watch To Learn More

Articles by District Staff & Consultants

Dr. Muhammad Khalifa: Islamophobia & Christian Privilege What Educators Must Know

Dr.Keith Brooks: Stepping out of Racially Isolated Christian Spaces

Dr.Muhammad Khalifa:Culturally Responsive School Leadership: A Synthesis of the Literature

Oct 28th, 2019 School Board Meeting: The Politics of Equity

View Cindy Pugh's comments & graphic,skipped over by the board, even though she was on the agenda.


My name is Cindy Pugh, Chanhassen. I'm here to ‘connect the dots’ and to ‘shed some light’ on the Political Agenda behind this Equity Movement in District 112 … Eastern Carver County Schools. 

In 2017, D112 joined ReImagine Minnesota. We’ve heard this school board mention the organization.

ReImagine's Website promotes an AGENDA of Culture, Equity, and race-based hiring.  They also support busing students from the inner city into suburbs AND creating a single, metro-wide school district.

ReImagine has held workshops given by GARE--- The Government Alliance on Race And Equity.  As you can tell by their name, GARE also pushes a political agenda of Race and Equity. Radical individuals like Rashida Tlaib have spoken at GARE conferences.  

I was very concerned to learn that the League of Minnesota Cities has co-partnered with GARE to support local governments, including Eastern Carver County. One of their workshops was attended by this District’s Superintendent and Equity Director.  In this workshop, GARE pushed a Race-based Equity plan and claimed that the words "All Men are Created Equal" and the Gettysburg Address were created only for White Property Owners. They also told attendees that the Pledge is racist and offensive. 

GARE is partnered with Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion which also promote an agenda of RACE and EQUITY  --- and claim the word "illegal" is a "racial slur."   Race Forward is directly tied to CAIR--- The Council of American- Islamic Relations.  CAIR is a chapter of HAMAS, a known terrorist organization.

Let's go back to D112 schools which hired Muhammad Khalifa to perform an Equity Audit and conduct Staff Training.  Khalifa has addressed the Muslim American Society at a meeting via the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and is a Senior Fellow at the Yaqeen Institute--- BOTH of which are affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood AND are directly tied to CAIR as well.

This District also hand-selected an Equity Advisory Council.  In their June meeting, GARE was discussed with the District at length.  Many of its members come from the group called ROAR--- and some of them are affiliated with Indivisible, an organization which was created specifically to oppose the Presidency of Donald Trump. It is purely POLITICAL.

This entire network you see on this board-- including Indivisible, GARE, Race Forward, and CAIR--- are funded by the Anti-American, radical progressive George Soros.  He is responsible for pushing this Equity Agenda into schools and local government. 

This EQUITY agenda is a Leftist, POLITICAL agenda and has no place in public schools.--- it has NOTHING to do with your child getting help in reading, despite what you are being told by the District.  

Enough is enough.

Vote No, No, and No to force this District to listen to its constituency … and to reconsider the direction it has taken against the will of the good people of Carver County.

Thank you!


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